Pitch Yourself — Round 2

Man and woman at desk with LED sign saying big pitchBefore we kick off Pitch Yourself Round 2, I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for all the fantastic feedback we’ve received so far on this intiative.  We’ve heard from many people who agree with us about the value we are offering our job-hunting readers with this opportunity- and that’s exciting!  (By the way, if you’re new to PRBC and Pitch Yourself, read all about it here). Round 2 was just as fun to put together as the first one with Holly Grande, and we hope you enjoy checking it out.

As we continue to receive pitches in our Pitch Yourself inbox, I’ve been noticing a really positive trend.  In addition to the people searching for a job in PR (whether it be that they just graduated, or were recently laid off), we’ve been hearing from a surprising amount of students.  As a recent graduate, it makes me very happy to see aspiring PR pros who are looking out for their futures before they even graduate, especially with the economy the way it is.  From here on out, public relations graduates are going to have to show that they understand the changing industry if they want to stand apart from the competition.

For Pitch Yourself Round 2, we gave Bethany Cramer the chance to be interviewed on PRBC by a PR fav- Stephanie Smirnov, President of DeVries PR.  Bethany is a senior at SUNY Geneso and an internship superstar, having spent time in positions at Dixon Schwabl and various non-profits.  She’s looking forward to graduating next May and hopefully becoming an influential member of the PR community.  During her free time, you can find her blogging at Project UPDATE.  Now before this starts to sound even more like an online dating profile, let’s check out her interview video so that you can learn more about Bethany Cramer.

[Editor’s Note: We had to split up this video into two chunks this time around]

Interview Video

Feedback Video

Looking for a job in PR and not having much luck? Want to build up your online portfolio?  Check out our Pitch Yourself Page for more details on being featured on PRBC.

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