12for12K hits the ground running in 2010

The folks over at 12for12K, which strives to change the world through social media and which has been mentioned here, in one manner or another, over the last few months certainly have their hands full only 15 days into the new year.

Following the massive earthquake that hit Haiti in recent days the group partnered with Hope for Haiti to raise funds for the relief effort.

So far the 12for12K-ers have raised $4,160, but there’s an anonymous blogger who will donate $1,000 if the group reaches $7,000 by Sunday.

To further up the ante, 12for12K supporter and professor/entrepreneur Amelia Maness-Gilliland will donate 100% of all sales from the first five people to buy her Resume packages – details here.

Additionally, Mr. Danny Brown (12for12K founder) himself and some other folks may be offering social media audits at a reduced price with all fees going to the charity and there may be some Headway theme magic in the works.
As it stands the group needs under $3,000, less than $1,000 per day to hit the $7,000 mark.  Let’s make it a happy Friday, great weekend, and let’s work on making this anonymous blogger $1,000 poorer.