The Fate of John Mayer’s Image

ENT: John Mayer Battle Studies Tour. FEB 6The concept of public figures getting caught up in racist scandals isn’t exactly brand new – many a good reputation has been permanently tarnished thanks to misspoken words and overheard conversations.  Even though their careers are getting back on track, people won’t be forgetting the ignorant words of Don Imus or Mel Gibson anytime soon and their brands now have entirely different connotations.  However, the entertainment world was still rocked a few weeks ago when John Mayer’s offensive and way-too-honest interview with Playboy Magazine was released. For those of you who aren’t as up on celebrity news and gossip as I am, the interview had Mayer saying that a certain anatomical feature of his was a “white supremacist”, dropping the n-bomb multiple times, and revealing sordid details of his sex life with Jessica Simpson.  For exact quotes and a great breakdown, check out the Perez article here.

Now that the dust has settled, I’m prepared to make this statement: John Mayer is going to be FINE.  In fact, I’m willing to bet that this will all be forgotten about within a month or two.  This is not to say that Mayer shouldn’t be actively apologetic to the black community, Jessica Simpson, and anyone else that was offended by his words.  If he wants to keep his career intact, this is obviously necessary.  What I AM saying is that this will be enough.  Enough for him to keep selling albums and enough for him to hang on to his fans and even continue making new ones.

The reason why I feel comfortable making this claim is because when it comes down to it these recent actions are perfectly in line with John Mayer’s image.  Douche-baggery is nothing new to him – he’s made his living on it.  His tweets are arrogant, he’s dated (and dumped) his way through Hollywood, and he once made out with Perez Hilton and then denied the entire thing (I’m still confused about this whole thing).  He has NOT made his living on being a squeaky-clean, modest singer-songwriter.  I for one wasn’t shocked when I read about the whole situation.  This is the type of thing that people have come to expect of him, and he’s managed to continue being successful.

In fact, when you read his words in the interview, you can tell that he wasn’t trying to be malicious.  Rather, he was trying to be hip and intellectual, and maybe even thought-provoking.  Instead, he comes across as stupid and out-of-touch – a PR mess that I for one would rather have on my hands than a true racist.  For a little perspective, check out The View’s coverage and thoughts – you can tell that it’s one big joke to them, and this is one group of ladies who aren’t afraid to say what they feel (I’ve learned that one can gauge public opinion by watching The View 😉 )

John Mayer will continue to apologize, but in the end this will all be over- until he does some other ridiculous interview.  When you come to expect something of a public figure, it isn’t as shocking when it actually happens.

So do y’all agree with me? Will Mayer be just fine or will his words haunt him forever?

(Disclaimer: I do not in ANY WAY condone John Mayer’s words).

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