Stress Relief for the PR Pro

Woman sitting at desk by crumpled papers on floorAny job/career can cause stress. My dad, for example, is an engineer. He builds buildings. He loves his job and does it well, but it’s demanding. He’s one of the most HIGH STRUNG people I know I will ever meet in my life and is always a little on the stressed side. Coming from his lovely gene-pool, I am also high-strung, Type A, etc., etc., which translates oh-so-conveniently into the fast-paced, multitasking world of PR. And I have to say it has only worked to my advantage in this field. Ask me 20 years from now…it might be a different story.

PR professionals: are your jobs stressful?

I have a good feeling most of you would respond with a vociferous “YES!”

So while we are answering a client call about the CEO not liking that the words “ultimate” and “groundbreaking” are not in the Fortune article he was just interviewed for, making copies of the presentation we have to give for a new client meeting, helping the interns find the fax button on the printer, trying to schedule an interview with a reporter, assembling clipbooks and all the other things we do so well, (sigh) how do we make sure our heads don’t spin off?

Sometimes you need to take five minutes to step away and regain some balance. For me, Twitter and the community I have found on it help me take that “deep breath” during my day. I observe peers experiencing the same things I do and realize we’re all “in it together.” PR Breakfast Club has also been a tight-knit family to whom I can vent and ask advice. also relieves some of my stress 🙂

What works for you? What’s a good stress reliever during our busy, chaotic days as PR professionals?

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