Fun Tools

Open toolbox, close-upOver the last month or so I’ve posted a few technical stories over here – Email tracking and Tweet Dilution (as well as an April fool’s piece and the chance to play devil’s advocate).  Today we’ll have a bit more fun with the more websites and services that have popped up around and support our favorite social media sites (or feed our habits) – Remember that person who worked for Widget, Inc. in Chicago that you followed months ago but can’t recall her username to save your life. to the rescue.  The service allows you to download your friend, follower and fan lists as CSV (Comma Separated Value – readable by Excel and other, similar programs) including their username, location, bio, etc.  making it easily searchable.  Throwing a party – find all your area fans at once (except those that use coordinates as their location) with a simple resort of the column.  Concerned about your account being suspended, use ForF to keep a backup of all your Twitter people.

Favotter – Perhaps one of the most fun sites on this list, if you’ve ever wondered which of your tweets people liked enough to favorite this is for you (as that’s what it does).  Key in your username and you’ll see who’s favorited your tweets. – If you’re the type who’s asking for seconds of the Flavor-Aid (it wasn’t Kool-Aid) and you must know when you joined — look it up at this site, which does exactly what it claims to.

• – Ever wonder, during Friday happy hour of course, what’s the combined following of you and your officemate?  Or the potential follower count of a fictional SM ‘power couple?’  Well this tool will help you eliminate the dupes from two sets of followers (and followings). It does seems to stop working at a certain max number of followers, however. – Curious as to the top 10 people you @ and RT?  Or wonder if you do have a Twitter ‘prime time’ – check out tweetstats.  They extract insane information from your public timeline including the day of the week you tweet the most, the time of day and your favorite Twitter clients. – Want to keep every single tweet you’ve ever sent or had directed at you?  Your flickr feed, etc.  Backupify’s for you.  Up to 2GB free, then paid, this service keeps all your tweets safe in their archive and easily downloadable from their site in pdf format.  Oddly enough they can go pretty far back – so if you really need that twitpic from Karaoke night – it’s entirely possible it’s there. – SM search engine on steroids. Give it a try.

What about you – any favorite/fun sites?

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