PRos Anonymous – Our Innermost Thoughts

Embarrassed BusinessmanI recently went to an event with a friend who doesn’t work in PR. How odd (sarcasm) I ran into a number of my fellow PR practitioner friends. What dominated the next hour of our conversation in this group? Starts with a ‘P’ and ends in an ‘R.’ Take a wild guess.

My friend, to very little surprise, was exhausted by “oh my gosh, and then she tweeted this!” and “oh, that editor doesn’t like me very much because my client cancelled their event last-minute.” Admit it; we can be a tiresome crew.

So I thought: Why don’t we make a PRos Anonymous? For those who talk too much about their jobs as public relations professionals and are just generally obsessed.

You might find yourself in PRos Anonymous if you think any of the following thoughts:

  • Man, I can’t remember the last time I went to the restroom. I’ve been really busy.
  • Man, did I eat lunch? I’ve been really busy.
  • No seriously. It’s 2:30 already? Ugh, I’ve been really busy.
  • I’ll go to this networking event tonight. But I’m drinking at it!
  • If my computer doesn’t start working faster, I’m not going to make this deadline and I might jump out of my 1st story window!
  • You want the New York Times!? I’ll give you the New York Times!!! Why I oughta…
  • Ha! Those sales people just don’t get it.
  • What do you mean ROI on PR? Look at this clipbook I made you!
  • Buy an ad? BUY AN AD!?
  • This journalist keeps referencing “how much money I must make.” Should I tell him the reality, or just keep the act up?
  • Where did I leave my crystal ball today?
  • Maybe if I put my headphones in, I won’t hear the phone ringing . . . and ringing . . . and ringing.
  • Do you think the client can sense my passive aggressive tendencies?
  • The intern just asked me where the “fax” button is…
  • No. I will NOT buy an ad!
  • I know I asked you to confirm with the editor that the announcement will run. Just confirm again. Things can change in two hours.
  • Oh you want the circulation of the New York Times again? You think it changed that much since last month?

*This list is obviously subject to additions.

Meetings will be held every Tuesday at 8:00 p.m. I look forward to seeing you all there.

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