Not “just a PR professional”

Stacked pilesof cowboy hatsWe all wear multiple hats as PR professionals. Thinking about adding some new “roles” to your resume to show off your experience? Here are some to consider (and to be taken lightly):

  • Therapist

Hand-holding just comes with the territory. Whether it be calming a client down about a less-than-glowing article written about his or her company, or consoling a stressed out co-worker, we give our fair share of “therapy.” I joke that I should have double majored in PR and psychology.

  • Janitor

We clean up the mess. When things go awry and no one can keep it together, PR professionals are there to clean up after whatever has gone wrong.

  • Disciplinarian

“You! Go sit in the corner. You’re in time-out.” Ever had a client who just said the “wrong” thing? Dropped an expletive in the middle of a live television interview? Bad kitteh. You get a slap on the wrist from your PR department for that.

  • Investigator

To find the juicy pieces of information to make up a good story which can ultimately craft a great pitch, we need to do a little digging. From speaking with the client, to doing research and background work, we are the investigators trying to find the best points to highlight the best our clients have to offer.

  • Spokesperson

It’s a given. At some point in our PR careers, we will serve as the spokesperson for a brand, client or our own company.

  • Chef

Similar to being an investigator, we also play chef. Putting together the tastiest ingredients in the right amount can make a great dish…more accurately in our profession, a great story.

  • Teacher

Guidance and education is a major part of our job. Sometimes we have to explain to a client that his child getting an ‘A’ on his history test isn’t worthy of the front page of the New York Times. We are also employed to help guide the brand message of our clients to keep messaging consistent.

  • Master Networker

One of my favorite parts of my job is business development. Going out and getting in front of fellow business people, telling them about my company and what we do, and potentially bringing them in as a client has given me some stellar and invaluable networking experience.

What else can we add here? Chime in if you are not “just a PR professional.”

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