Mobile PR

Businesswomen Holding PDALet’s face it, PR isn’t all about sending press releases to anybody with an email addresses (or who likes pizza). Sometimes PR is about how to reach people without the use of media.

I recently sat in on a brainstorm for a client that will be launching a product. We were debating video when the idea of a slide show popped up. I quickly said that would not work. And when asked why, I simply pointed to my mobile device.

The future present of media consumption

Mobile is how people consume media. All you have to do is get on any form of public transportation. Look at how many headphones you see. Those people are all consuming media. I frequently receive and send email, tweet and read on my mobile device. The fact that Apple sold 1 million iPads in mere weeks after it launched shows that our society has evolved into one mass of multi-tasking, shape-shifting people constantly on the move.

And publishers must be aware of this. Which also means that as PR pros, we need to be aware of it too. If your website does not detect the version of a browser being used and redirect to a mobile version if necessary, then that is a fail. I have abandoned countless page loads because the site tries to load the full version.

Sure, this still counts as a page view, but just one. If I don’t read your content it is safe to assume I probably won’t be back.

When pitching stories, we need to remember the adage “Brevity is Beautiful.” Here’s some things to consider when pitching to your influencers:

  • Format your mail, press release etc… with a short, tight summary. Call it twit pitch, elevator pitch, escalator pitch or whatever, just keep it short.
  • It’s OK to have longer text, just on a different page. Keep your digital media concise, but make sure product pages are robust, multi-media enabled and complete.

I’m only giving you two. Remember, Brevity is beautiful 😉

How we package our pitches makes a difference. Finding new, innovative ways to will always be at the forefront of “good” PR. What tips do you have for packaging a story for the mobile age? Share in the comments!

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