Recruiting Ethics

Interviewee and interviewer shaking handsIt must be hard to be a recruiter. I mean you might as well go into telemarketing since you spend 75% of your day scoping out potential recruits and cold calling/blind mailing people hoping that you can find the next superstar for your client. Just like telemarketing though, sometimes it’s just a bit out of control and silly. I’m not exactly sure how the process goes for finding candidates, but I wanted to point out something that really annoys me.

Please don’t try and recruit me at my job! I’m completely flattered that I was “confidentially referred” to you for an Account Executive position at some agency. Who wouldn’t want me? National magazines weekly, amazing negotiating skills, bad a__, and umm, seventeen national TV segments in five months, I would try and recruit me too, so I’m really flattered by the situation. I am extremely happy at my job, love the people, love the management, love my clients so I wouldn’t even think about leaving my company. I’m in the fast lane to success and I’m in the place to do it.

However, when I get e-mails sent to me at WORK, I feel like a red flag is going up on my name. You never know who reads e-mails, some smaller agencies have a designated person to read every single e-mail that comes in and out – well hello! Your e-mail saying “AMAZING JOB OPPORTUNITY” just put a red flag on my name. Listen, if I was confidentially referred to you, I’m sure the person would have given you my personal e-mail. Heck, if you Googled enough you probably would have found out my personal e-mail anyway! I made a comment on a blog and through his stalking skills he found my personal e-mail and invited me to chat with him in person…umm, no. If he can do it, I’m guessing you can!

Additionally, please don’t call my office either. I love that you found me and want me to be a part of your team, but do you really think that I could talk to you in my cubical? Would you talk to your mistress on the phone when your wife is sitting next to you at the dinner table? Nope. I didn’t think so. Honestly, I don’t mind you reaching out, but don’t put people in situations that they would have to explain if the wrong person intercepted an e-mail or overheard a conversation.

ALSO! If you are calling from a national news station, don’t trick the PR person into thinking they just got a segment! My friend almost hyperventilated over excitement for her first phone call like that!

Again, thanks for reaching out and may the force be with you.


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