Twitter is one big, fat inside joke between 100 million people

Golfers laughingIf you don’t get this post, then you don’t spend enough time on Twitter. I however, have spent too much of my time on Twitter since I joined in March 2009…and for that I lead a sad, sad life. #kidding

Ok, so we’ve all had the “why are you on Twitter?” discussions with friends and family who are not on Twitter. “What’s the point?” Or my favorite from my boyfriend as we’re in his car: I’m giggling looking at my BlackBerry screen and he says “what’s going on in the Twitterverse?” How did he know I was on UberTwitter and not that someone just sent me a funny text or e-mail? Easy answer: he knows me.

So when you get this look from your family and friends when “talking Twitter,” you might have fallen back on one of our Twitter-society’s inside jokes:

  • Hashtag humor: “This is like the worst day ever. I totally just spilled soda all over myself. #fail #headdesk”
  • Fail Whale Abuse: If you find yourself in any non-Twitter situation yelling “fail whale!” (Your non-Twitter-using co-worker forgot her umbrella and she came in this morning soaked. You yelling “fail whale” at her won’t help.)
  • When someone doesn’t use TweetDeck or tiny url and posts a link 48 characters long, you know they’re a newbie. Same goes for the RT that should be an @ reply.
  • When you say the names Peter Shankman, Brian Solis and Chris Brogan and nobody knows who you are talking about…you ain’t in the Twitter crowd.
  • If you’re anything like me, the words “oh my gosh I need to TwitPic this” have come out of your mouth numerous times.
  • Credit goes to my friend @megburns for these: “Man, he unfollowed me. I’m so offended.” And “They were <gasp> DM-ing! How scandalous!” You know any non-Twitterer wouldn’t have a clue.
  • So I was talking to ATpistachio the other day… Calling people by their Twitter handle and not their real names (Laura Fitton) is another example.

Got any to add? #LetErRip

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