You’re doing it wrong….

Wrong WayWe’ve all seen the horrible horrible examples of things done wrong in the digital world.  You know the things I’m talking about – bad policies, bad designs, just bad bad bad stuff.  Below, you’ll find my own list of the worst of the worst and those of some other contributors crowdsourced from Twitter.  Do chime in with your own net horror stories 🙂

You’re doing it wrong if…

  • all your Follow Fridays (first, you’re still doing Follow Fridays?!)  are in alphabetical order, listed as a series of over a dozen tweets, with no explanation as to why they made your list and are comprised of  everyone you’ve spoken to in the last week.
    • This also means that it’s likely when folks thank you for the #FF they end up on your list again.  Great cycle!!

  • your ‘Contact Us’ page leads to a 404 (Page Not Found) error.  But your advertising information page works perfectly.  Dead giveaway that we know where your priorities are.

  • your site’s copyright year is 2006.  And you run a blog. That has daily posts.  At least give enough of a you-know-what to update your flippin’ footer.

  • “you’re just talking and not listening.” (Nota Bene: So very true) ~ Lynn Sheka

  • “you don’t engage with your fans/followers. Less shameless promoting, more sharing.” (NB: Wow, this is a real problem it seems) ~ Jessica Malnik

  • “you aren’t engaging in the conversation. Keep talking.. it’s SOCIAL media, right?” (NB: Geez folks, do you still not get it!) ~ Jason Mollica

  • “if you aren’t achieving your goals (you did set goals, right?? right????)” (NB: Good call!) ~ Mike Schaffer

So let’s have it folks – what other worst practices have you seen?  Don’t spend too much time on this, your billing is due in I’m pretty sure.  Have a great long weekend, we’re off on Monday, so see you bright and early Tuesday!

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