ROI Measurement

Woman catching snowflakes in her mouthPsst! I have a secret!

There is no one way to measure the return on investment of social media. None. Each campaign is kinda like a thumbprint…or a snowflake…totally different from start to finish.

The National Restaurant Association Marketing Executives Group asked me to give them ways to increase their ROI at a recent conference. So I came up with the following presentation, affectionately entitled “Show Me The Money.”

I hope you can use some of the tips here to maximize your online presence! And if you have any questions, feel free to leave it in the comments below or reach out to me directly.

ROI of Social Media

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  • Laney

    Thanks for sharing! This is really great info.

  • Lbertelli

    Right on/well said!

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  • Scratching my head. Productive headline, bet it drew lots of click thrus. And, letting folks in on a secret draws folks in via collusion. But, “no one way to measure the return on investment of social media” is simply a wonderful case of fiction. Not to mention a total shame for repeating a full and complete misnomer.

    Here’s hoping none of your readers believe you and that each of them challenge their strategy and tactics in order to show meaningful ROI. Particularly those just starting in the space, having gained trust and traction from their clients to start dabbling on SM platforms.

    Can you measure ROI of SM? Without question … absolutely. And, for my pharma peers, even in our highly regulated section of the space. Happy to talk with anyone interested in how to ensure your SM programs can and should show ROI.


  • Anonymous

    Hi, Marian–

    Thanks for reading and commenting. I think you misunderstood the main point here, unfortunately.

    As a social media strategist, I spend every day measuring ROI. And quite successfully.

    And that’s because I develop, as explained in the slides, a measurement strategy as part of my overall plan.

    Each campaign is unique, so to measure ROI I look at what their goals are instead of just using one formula or tool. In the presentation, I provided names and URLs of several tools I use everyday, free and paid, to help accomplish that goal.

    I never anywhere said or intentionally implied that ROI was impossible. I said it needs to be considered from the beginning. There are tons of ways to measure the return. That was my point.

    Again, thank you for reading and I apologize if you found my post and presentation misleading.
    – Mike