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The Time May Be Now to Re-Think the Online Marketing Approach

While the economy attempts to get some legs under it, many companies, be they just starting a business or around for some time now, are looking at and reviewing their marketing efforts.

If your business is trying to wrap its arms around the all-important return on investment (ROI), your online marketing and social media efforts are great places to give a second look. In essence, are you getting the bang for your dollar when it comes to properly marketing your company online?

Marketing in 2012 is even more challenging for many companies given most experts cannot pinpoint with certainty where the economy is going.  Continue reading

Learn How to Measure What Matters from the Queen Herself

I recently had the pleasure of reading Katie Paine’s latest book, Measure What Matters, during some otherwise long and boring plane rides. Through 14 succinct but detailed chapters, Katie walks you through how to get started with basic measurement and some good examples of specific situations or types of campaigns you may need to measure.

From tackling finding the right measurement tool to measuring the impact of a conference sponsorship, each chapter can stand on its own as a detailed and real-life example. One problem I have had with other books about measurement is the lack of real examples or instructions to help you go beyond the theoretical math. Not so here. Continue reading

ROI Measurement

Woman catching snowflakes in her mouthPsst! I have a secret!

There is no one way to measure the return on investment of social media. None. Each campaign is kinda like a thumbprint…or a snowflake…totally different from start to finish.

The National Restaurant Association Marketing Executives Group asked me to give them ways to increase their ROI at a recent conference. So I came up with the following presentation, affectionately entitled “Show Me The Money.” Continue reading

Madison Avenue Goes Back to the Future

Laney Cohen HeadshotThe Wall Street Journal recently reported on NBC’s allowing marketers to tack products on their programs promoting a cause, health or social issue, citing Campbell Soup as an upcoming sponsor for Today Show health segments in November and February.

This got me thinking – is advertising blurring the space between product placement and advertising? A throwback to days of yore? Continue reading