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A Study In Compassionate Communications

12924877474_6c16be2fec_bLet’s stop and consider the public relations industry for a moment. What is it that we do, really? Informing the public about any number of corporate strategies aimed at increasing the revenue for our agency or clients. Right? Maybe that’s a tad cynical, and I’m certainly not the folks at Gawker, but what good in the world does public relations do? If you’re unaware of the #Milaap4Hope effort going on today, allow me to enlighten you. Continue reading

Your Innate Fallibility

7148596629_224a8bc7d1What is the worst feeling on earth for you? I’m not referring to tragic life events, I’m talking about those feelings that can happen any day of the week. For me, the worst feeling on earth is a combination of embarrassment and knowledge I was wrong about something. Being the former journalist I am, being wrong is not something I take kindly to. I was paid to be right. When I first started at KFRU in October of 2003, I was an arrogant and inexperienced reporter. I use the term “reporter” because I was nowhere near being a journalist as I quickly learned. Continue reading

Could Google+ Overtake Facebook By 2016

The running joke in social media circles is that Google+ is a wasteland. No one goes there or pays attention to anything posted there. Facebook and Twitter remain royalty with all other networks orbiting them. The more this myth is believed by communications pros, the more we do a disservice to ourselves and to our clients. Facebook is dying. Slowly but surely, it is committing suicide. I won’t be so bold to say that Google foresaw this when it launched G+, but clearly it has positioned itself as a viable alternative since Facebook went public. Continue reading

Drive By Crisis

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You’re a responsible brand. You may push the envelope every so often, but you pay attention to what’s happening and respond in timely ways allowing you to avert any kind of major PR crisis. You go to bed after having watched the NFL’s replacement refs botch ANOTHER game on Sunday September 23rd (New England vs. Baltimore), with all sorts of warm fuzzies in your tummy because of the epic performance of Ravens wide receiver Torrey Smith. You’re confident in your brand, having monitored Facebook and Twitter for mentions of Johns Hopkins in any way. Then you wake up to this:

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