A Study In Compassionate Communications

12924877474_6c16be2fec_bLet’s stop and consider the public relations industry for a moment. What is it that we do, really? Informing the public about any number of corporate strategies aimed at increasing the revenue for our agency or clients. Right? Maybe that’s a tad cynical, and I’m certainly not the folks at Gawker, but what good in the world does public relations do? If you’re unaware of the #Milaap4Hope effort going on today, allow me to enlighten you.

Four years ago today, Milaap (which is Hindi for unity) was launched to change the concept of giving. Rather than just giving $25 and never thinking about it again, Milaap asks people to invest in their borrowers futures. You can choose to fund anything from a startup business to indoor plumbing. All day today, until 9 EDT this evening, the hashtag #Milaap4Hope will be active with stories of those benefiting from these micro-loans, and the lenders who benefit in ways not so easily measured.

So what does all of this have to do with public relations? Let’s remember that our skills are meant for more than increasing revenue over last quarter. Let’s prove that our industry can make a difference and do good. Rather than push the latest tips on how to beat Mark Zuckerburg’s algorithm, let’s talk about something that matters. Improving the lives of people invested in bettering themselves. It’s a lesson we can all stand to learn no matter how many times it’s been taught to us before.

Image: Milaap via Flickr CC 2.0

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  • PhoeniX Strat Comm

    Thanks for giving us such a powerful opportunity to make a positive difference on the planet!

    • Matt LaCasse

      You’re quite welcome! Be sure you connect with Shonali Burke (@shonali on twitter) to learn more.

  • Rachel Graf

    It’s good to remember that the skills we develop as public relations practitioners can go beyond our careers and help others around the world. More pr specialist should think this way and implement it into their own lives as well as their clients. Customers are starting to notice how much companies care about the world and everyone that lives here.

  • Alletta Simons

    Thanks for grounding us in remembering what is important! I really like that you take the focus off not only just generating revenue but in actually helping the world and trying to do something better. It’s definitely most important to remember that being a public relations professional means more than just attending to the client and that we need to have our own set of morals to follow. We are influencers and therefore have to accept the responsiblities that come with having huge influence and mass amounts of people.