The Summer Week That Was: July 14-20

The Dark Knight Rises comes out today, in case you hadn’t heard. I will include one link to a TDKR-related article, but that’s it. I promise. I assume most of you will spend the weekend in a line waiting to get into the movie, so here’s to you. Me? Well…I’ll probably do the same. Onto the links:

  1. Rotten Tomatoes Suspends Comments On The Dark Knight Rises – Pajiba When the first negative review for the last installment in Christopher Nolan’s take on the Batman franchise came in, the RT team knew it would be a bloodbath in the comments section, and they were right. It got to the point that some commenters, anonymously of course, threatened death and physical harm to the reviewer in question, Marshall Fine. Rotten Tomatoes disabled comments on all TDKR reviews, and is in the process of reviewing its entire commenting system. An interesting read, and debate, to follow.
  2. Why Klout Doesn’t Measure True Influence – Waxing Unlyrical Ok, this one is a BIT self serving since it’s one that I wrote. Still, I’m not a fan of Klout and I think we need to be wary of it.
  3. How This Guy Lied His Way Into The New York Times And More – Forbes This article infuriated me. INFURIATED. I don’t lie, so it pisses me off when others do it. This is not me trying to be morally superior. I take offense to lying. Have I done it? Of course. Will I do it again? You betcha. And I hate myself for it. Dishonesty is maybe the worst thing you can do as a professional, whether or not this was an “experiment”.
  4. Television Killed Itself – Pajiba I’m not in the habit of including links from the same website twice, but this article about the dichotomy in television entertainment currently really impressed me.
  5. Google Analytics Retired – The Next Web Not a whole lot of actual PR stuff in this week’s round up. So sue me (on second thought…don’t. All I have to pay you is Monopoly money. Seriously). Any online marketing or PR person worships Google Analytics, the new version goes more in depth, and thus has more ways for you to analyze what your efforts online are doing for you and your client’s brands.
There you go. The week that was. I leave you with this, and believe me. I mean it.
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