The Summer Week That Was June 2-June 8

This is my first “curating” post for PRBC. I’ve compiled an impressive list of links for you from all corners of the Internet. There is zero rhyme or reason to these other than I found them interesting, they made me laugh, or I think you should pay attention to them. In some cases, all three. Without further ado:

  1. The Story Behind – I have no idea how many of you are sports fans, but all you need to know is that the Charlotte Bobcats, an NBA team, do not own and are a TERRIBLE franchise. I mean, so bad that they envy the Cubs. BAD.
  2. Call Me Maybe. Except When I Ask You To – Is this self-serving? Absolutely. Do I care? Not a bit. Besides, Litzky PR needs to be reprimanded for their idiotic recruiting practices.
  3. A Third Of Netflix’s New Subscribers Are Former Customers – Did you complain about the completely sane and smart business move Netflix made last summer? I’ll bet you’ve come back to Netflix; and it looks like I have a 33% chance of being right.
  4. Your Brand Is About YOU – Another self-serving post from one of my employer’s blogs. Written by my friend Laura Scholz, this is a terrific take on personal branding, and how it isn’t about an image, or reputation, or anything like that. It’s about YOU.
  5. It’s In The Letterbox – Some NSFW language here, but sure to make you laugh to start off your Friday. Unless you’re the douchebag who installs terrawatt bulbs on his garage.

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