Good PR is Good PR. Period.

If you had asked me three years ago what type of work I was in, I would have told you something along the lines of, “Oh, I work in social media PR,” or, “I’m in digital PR.” Like many others, I, too, was caught up in the catchphrases of the day to describe a new line of thinking for our profession.

But I’m starting to shift my thinking back to a simpler, more clear thought on the profession: Good PR is good PR. No matter how you slice it or dice it.

I was reminded of this the other day while reading yet another “This is how we can save PR”-type blog post. You know the type –10 tips for saving the profession, or five ways that social media is transforming PR.

(I don’t mean to say any this with any sarcasm. Social media, digital communications and many other fascinating new concepts in PR have enhanced the profession in profoundly positive ways. Hell, I wouldn’t be where I am now in my career, or at my job, were it not for the fantastic opportunities social media has afforded me.)

But it really doesn’t have to be an either-or scenario; an “Are you in, or are you out?” when it comes to being in the traditional PR versus social media/digital PR camp.

Just do what helps you be successful.

It can be traditional PR (e.g. based in practices some now deride, such as media relations, executive communications, etc.). It can be based in a digital- or social-first focused, such as the great work that the firm Attention PR here in New York City creates (among many other digital-focused PR firms). Or it can be a combination of both . . . or nothing in between.

The bottom line is that great PR doesn’t have to fit into some type of pre-described mold that we all (including myself) seem to keep trying to peg it to. We don’t have to call ourselves a “social PR” guy or gal, or derisively walk away from traditional practices, strategies and tactics that have worked for decades all in the name of impressing clients and colleagues with the savviness of our social media campaigns and our social-first strategies.

We just need to produce great results in an ever-changing environment; one that demands that our profession changes and adapts with the ebb and flow of the public’s and of clients’ desires, demands and influence patterns.

We’re all very fortunate to work in a profession that, thankfully, continues to challenge us with immensely innovative new professionals coming in, new ideas and theories for success and opportunities that enhance our strategic business value. And in my mind, this will continue, so long as we spend a little less time debating the merits of one form of PR versus another, and a little more time simply producing great results.

Simple as that . . . If only it were.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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