The Benefits of APR

Three simple letters can mean so much to a public relations professional. The letters stand for distinction in our field and the dedication to the profession.  APR, or Accredited in Public Relations, has set the bar high. The test is not easy and it challenges your knowledge of proper practices and strategic planning, among others.

There are some that debate whether APR is necessary and if it is even worth it. I believe it definitely is worth your time. I know because I have taken the test, but didn’t pass it the first time (I’m gearing up to take it again).  I’m a member of PRSA and hemmed and hawed whether I should go for accreditation. I ultimately decided to go for it because I wanted to challenge my PR knowledge and go to another level.

Here’s why APR can benefit you:

You think you may know how to handle a situation, but… The APR prep course will make sure to challenge your PR knowledge. There are scenarios that you never thought possible to show you REALLY know what you preach.

Get to know other pros in your area- APR isn’t a a gabfest, but it a great way to network and meet PR pros that you may not have known. While preparing for the test, your fellow pros will come in very handy for studying and to bounce questions off of. They will be your support.

It’s no walk in the park– How many times have you been challenged with a task and thought, “This is not a challenge to me.” You won’t feel that way with APR… and that’s a good thing. Accreditation shouldn’t be something that you could do with your eyes closed. It should challenge you!

Ultimately, you should go for APR because you want it. But, believe me. You will NOT regret it.