Would Rather Be…

We know you’d rather be anywhere else than at work this morning…and we respect that.

We know you’re trying to get out of the office to beat traffic out to the (pick one):

  • Country
  • Burbs
  • Beach
  • Shore

And it shows – we know Fridays are tough, the last thing you want to do is read anything you don’t have to (besides that tabloid you’ve got tucked into your bag) so we’ll let you off the hook on Fridays through Labor Day – go, get your work done, we’ll pick up with the serious stuff on Fridays after that.  In the meanwhile we still might post some fun items in this space in those remaining Summer Fridays, so if you happen to be bored ;).


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  • BEACH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Beach!!!!!!!!

  • Jgregory

    At work.  I happen to like my job.  If you want someone to write an item every Friday throughout the summer, I’d be happy to oblige.

    • Hey J –

      We’d be happy to have you contribute :).  At the top of the page there’s a ‘how to contribute’ tab.  Would be great to hear your ideas.


  • I have to admit.  Instead of being at work today, I’d much rather be hiking in the north Georgia mountains.  Is that wrong?

  • David Thalberg

    Nice, Nathan (how are you, by the way?)  And actually, I’m pretty happy being in the office today. Just talked to the publisher of “Go The F*ck to Sleep” and we’re going to be working on that book, and to kick the weekend off, we’re having a “Pot Luck Happy Hour” here later this afternoon, my kids are coming in for that (the Pot Luck part anyway…) and then a great Father’s Day weekend begins (with a trip to Coney Island for a ride on the Cyclone!)

    • Hey David –

      Good to hear from you – hope all’s well :). Hope Coney island was all you wanted it to be and had a great father’s day.  We should def catchup sometime soon.  Cheers,

  • Rae Todd

    At work this morning. Fridays are usually quiet and I can concentrate on one of my projects that needs a dedicated block of time. Although, I am heading for a ranch in the Colorado mountains this afternoon for the remainder of the weekend. Thanks for all of your work, Nathan.

    • Hi Rae –

      Thanks for your note (and sorry for the delay in responding)!  Hope you enjoyed your time at the ranch.  And thanks very much 🙂