Five Ways PR is Like Making Beer

Enjoy PR and a frosty bev?  They might be more similar than you think.

  1. It takes time – From cracking an ice cold one, you probably know that beer tastes good. But what you probably didn’t know is that it takes time to make the liquidy goodness. Much like a PR campaign, it takes more than just a few quick whisks of a wand to get going.
  2. It is more work than the average person would think – A batch of beer tastes great in the end, but takes a boat-ton of sweat to get done. Much like a good PR campaign.
  3. Is best in moderation – Beer and PR are best consumed in moderation. Ask your nearest bartender or journalist.
  4. Little things can derail a batch much like a campaign – a raise in temperature or insertion of air can ruin a batch of a homebrew. The same can be said of a PR campaign with an executive saying the wrong thing.
  5. Both lead to drinking – any questions, please go back to high school
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