How Do You Stay Well Read

The Guardian recently published an article arguing that digital news offers a choice in reading topics/sources, but that print “…offers something extra: stories that people didn’t know they wanted to read until they had read them.”

Although the article brings up good points about the importance of diversifying one’s reading material(s), I beg to differ.

In the article, Eric Klinenberg, professor of sociology at New York University states,

“You want all the stuff that journalists serve up with a sigh (because, well, it’s not exactly journalism, is it?). And, in return, as part of the deal, journalism is allowed to have a civic purpose – to report and analyse the workings and frailties of democracy – beyond quick ways to whip up a cottage pie.”

As a PR and social media professional, I get a lot of my news from email newsletters to which I am subscribed, via those I am following on Twitter, as well as my Facebook connections and publication ‘check-ins’ both for myself and my clients.

On a daily basis I come across articles and discussions that I was not necessarily searching for, but learn from and found via those channels. I have found new publications and topics of interest this way that I then add to my daily reading list.

Guardian author Peter Preston states,

“…you can’t have one without the other. Put your cash on the newsagent’s counter and you get some things you desire and other things, from Cardiff or Chad, that you didn’t know had happened until you turned to page five.”

I think that I have both: information from reputable news sources as well as bloggers and friends/family, mostly free-of-cost.

PR students and professionals, please, let me know – What platforms do you use to stay updated on the latest news? Which do you prefer?

How do you stay well read?

 Kelly is a traveler, New York native, public relations and social media professionalavid music lovertechie, and psychologist. She is passionate about enabling meaningful conversations and connections via the social web, believes that learning is lifelong and enjoys discovering new tactics to create and sustain brand identity and influence and maintain advocates.

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