Call Me Maybe. Except When I Ask You To.

You are a PR firm in Hoboken, New Jersey. You have a snazzy idea to cover “Call Me Maybe” as a recruitment ad for the boon of new college grads in the workforce. At the end of the video, you then insist that they visit your website rather than call your office. And then you disable the comments on the video on YouTube. Methinks you did not think this one through.

We can’t embed the video here due to playback restrictions on YouTube, but you can check it out here.

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  • It’s probably also worthwhile to mention how far this video goes in dispelling the perception / stereotype PR folks have picked up over the last few years.

  • Guest

    And then you aren’t even hiring for any PR jobs.

  • LOL I love this. I think they only hire girls it seems?

  • oops take that back, saw a dude at the end of it

    • Guest

      And no one seems to be over the age of 30 or able to handle a serious corporate account…but in the unlikely case that I need a flippant PR agency to lipsynch and dance, they could be the one.

  • Anonymous

    Aside from the notable fact that this song has been parodied for weeks now and they are trying to capitalize on “the popularity factor” like sorority sisters instead of seasoned, strategic PRos. (But, that’s a different rant altogether). I think the biggest problem is that they clearly didn’t have a strategy behind this. Content creation//content marketing is a great way for agencies to promote themselves. They clearly knew that, seeing how they created this video. Yet, you have to be willing to accept the good and the bad. The fact they disabled comments shows a.) they are uptight and/or uncomfortable about hearing what people have to say b.) they just want views and could care less about their target audience.  

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