SourceBottle: New Journalist, PR Resource Now Available

SourceBottle platformSourceBottle, a free online resource that’s designed to help journalists, bloggers and PR pros, is now available in North America. The platform helps journalists and bloggers find sources, while also giving PR pros an opportunity to help gain brand awareness on behalf of their clients.

Sounds like a familiar concept, right? The kicker is that SourceBottle exclusively focuses on women’s interest topics like beauty, business, home and lifestyle, health and parenting, to name a few. This sort of subject matter isn’t only of interest to a wide-ranging audience—it drives purchase decisions, too.

“Considering 85 percent of consumer purchases in the U.S. are made by women, the ‘she-conomy’ is generating more products and services for female consumers, more marketers are focused on reaching specific female demographics, and more bloggers and journalists are covering topics related to women’s interests,” according to SourceBottle.

Rebecca Darrington founded the Australia-based resource three years ago, and it’s since expanded to Asia Pacific, Europe and, as of last week, the U.S. and Canada. In addition to focusing on a more specific subject matter, SourceBottle lets users customize the experience based on geographic and/or category-specific needs, resulting in a more productive experience with the platform. Plus, PR pros can specify criteria so that they don’t spend time pursuing irrelevant leads. After all, time is money!

If you’re a journalist on a tight deadline, SourceBottle uses social media to quickly tap into its PR network by sending real-time media queries. The site can also assist with product placement opportunities in television, print, film and online.

“SourceBottle is meant to simplify and expedite the process of connecting journalists, bloggers and PR pros so we can all do our jobs more efficiently,” Derrington said in a release.

Have you given SourceBottle a try? How do you think it compares to other platforms like HARO?

Image via SourceBottle