When a Thanks isn’t a Thanks

Two words in the English language are sometimes very hard to say. That would be: Thank You.  Now, before you click off to another site because you think I’m going all Emily Post, let me explain.

You see, as we become more social, we are becoming more impersonal. It shouldn’t be that way. Just because we interact on Twitter, Facebook, etc., it doesn’t mean we should forget what it means to actually talk to someone. Quick texts from an iPhone or brief emails from your office desk may say, “Thx” or “:-),” but is it really a thanks?

Example number one: The DM that isn’t really a “thanks.”

Here’s one I received the other day (some words removed to protect the offender): “Thank you for following me. I blog about my life as an (entrepreneur) with insight, tips and advice at (website removed).” I doubt this person is TRULY appreciative of me or anyone else, for that matter, following them. It’s an automated DM. We have come so far that we need to set up an automated tweet to say thanks.

I’ve decided to follow you for a reason. I either saw a retweet on Twitter- and liked what you put in 140 characters (or less) – or we chatted during a Twitter event. In return for my follow, you become a robot. It not only shows you don’t get what social media is about, it proves you are too lazy to appreciate your followers.

Example number two: The stock LinkedIn invite.

You know this one because we have all received it. “I’d like to add you to my professional network.” Nothing says I appreciate you more or thanks for connecting with me further, than a stock message that LinkedIn gives you. Think of it this way. Would you send a generic “Thank You” note to a potential employer? No. You’d personalize it. So why not do the same on LinkedIn?

I’m sure to some this sounds like the “Hey Kids… Get off my lawn” type statement. But, it would be so much better if we stopped being lazy with saying thank you in social networking and really put a good foot (or tweet) forward in personalizing and appreciating our fans, friends, and potential “champions.”

What are some good examples of people thanking you on social nets?

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