The Summer Week That Was: July 28 – August 3rd

Public Relations PR and Social Media Stories of the Week
School, already?

Is it really August already? Wow, ½ a year in the books and still so many things to accomplish this year. I overheard someone say that school starts next week for a lot of kids? Whatever happened to being able to bike ride and swim the whole month of August?

Hope you have been having a good summer with time to rest with family and friends. Here’s this week’s top five news stories:

5. Apple buys mobile security firm AuthenTec for $356 million

Ok, I cheated on this one since it technically happened last week but it set the tech world abuzz this past week about the possibility of biometrics on smart phones, which looks all the more likely with this acquisition. A report released by Mobile Phone Biometric Security Analyst Alan Goode indirectly predicts that biometrics on the next generation if mobile could be more common.

4. More Twitter Olympics: Journalist Banned, Harasser Arrested

Is Twitter ruining the Olympics? Another athlete gets booted from the games and people are threatening their own countryman. Sports can have a fickle effect on someone’s mind, and so far Twitter alone has had a communications impact far beyond what anyone expected these Olympic games.

3. Twitter, Instagram buzzing about about Chik-fil-Appreciation Day

Just when you thought the story couldn’t get more interesting. After a 50,000 Instagram photo barrage of  locations across the country from loyal fans last Wenesday on its Apprection Day, Chik-fi-A released a glowing statement expressing its gratitude for loyal customers and Owners. Were Dan Kathy’s remarks actually a smart move for Chik-fil-A?

2.  PR News Hotlist: Top 10 PR Blunders of 2012, Part 1

2012 has sure seen some classic missteps by companies everywhere. Who can forget the PR agency rep who tried to pass herself off as a reporter on behalf of Wal-Mart story? It almost seemed unbelievable. What were your top blunders for 2012 so far?

1.  Obama Campaign Releases Mobile Phone App

No matter what candidate you are voting for in November, it’s hard to deny that we aren’t truly living in an unprecedented presidential – voter communication era. “Grassroots” just has a whole new meaning these days.

Have a good weekend and get outdoors before the summer is gone!