To One Thousand … and Beyond

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Three years ago when we started this blog, essentially on a whim (concept to launch took around 10 days if memory serves), I don’ t think anyone assumed we’d still be here today, except perhaps as an archive.

But here it is – our 1,000th (published) post.

Our editorial focus and staff may have changed a bit, but we’re still here doing the same kinds of things – trying new content and types of content, promoting best practices and (what we think are) great insights into the various communications arts and generally just having a grand time.

We all hope you’ve enjoyed reading us, through the ups, downs, twists, turns and all the changes along the way. Thank you all, loyal readers, some of you around since Day 1. We definitely wouldn’t be here, doing this crazy thing, without you, your support, and on occasion your submissions.

Have a great weekend – we’ll see you bright and early on Monday!