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Temperatures are starting to get cooler in areas of the country. Do you know what that means? You are behind on your Christmas PR plan!

If you are buried under in your daily to-do list and Christmas seems like a million years from now….snap out of it. You may have missed the majority of the Christmas spreads in the most desirable magazines but you can still pull it off.

Add a new tool to your Christmas plan this year. If you haven’t worked with bloggers before here is your chance. Bloggers are eager for content for Christmas and would love to work with you. But, don’t think you can just shoot a press release their way and call it a day. The reason that bloggers have such great reach is because their readers are faithful. They read their blogs habitually and get to know the personality of the blogger. Trust is built. It is like taking advice from a friend. You know your friend would not steer you wrong because they have tried a product before they told you about it.

Bloggers are the same way. Give them the opportunity to experience your product or service. They need to touch it, feel it and experience it before they will recommend it. After all who wants to recommend the product that sucks? No one.

Tell your boss or your client that you did not miss the deadline that this year the approach for Christmas is go straight to the influencers.

Already there are several events around the country that I have heard of recently and even one that I am planning in New Orleans that does the job for the PR pro. These events are gatherings of influential moms to review and see products that they should not only consider buying as Christmas gifts themselves but more importantly recommend it to their audience.

Seek out these grassroots opportunities that truly engage your brand with influencer moms. You need to put your product or service in their hands. If your budget doesn’t allow you to distribute product or service gift cards product to 200 bloggers that is still OK. Focus on the blogs that are the best fit for your brand and your brand voice. It doesn’t have to be the biggest blog; it has to be the right blog.

Here is your opportunity to try something new. I think you will be surprised at how successful working with bloggers is for your brand.

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