Public Relations Ideas for Your Restaurant (And Why This Industry is Different)

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Are you thinking of trying to promote your restaurant in creative ways that will give you an edge from your competitors? Public relations in the restaurant industry are a little different than other industries because in order to run a successful restaurant, you have to have a love for the industry and the drive to keep it moving forward.

The public relations firm you choose for your restaurant should get customers in the door the first time, but it is up to the restaurant to get customers to come back. Below are a few ideas for successful restaurant public relations:

Tips and Tricks for Restaurants and PR

  • Marketing through Social Media – Marketing is the direct selling of your restaurant to the appropriate and specific market. Marketing through social media is an excellent way to promote your restaurant that is both fast and economical. Open a Facebook page for your restaurant, or establish a twitter account. Post great things about your restaurant on appropriate web sites. Be creative to get peoples’ attention!
  • Media Relations – Simply put, media relations are a way for your restaurant to be seen in print ads, on television commercials, or even radio spots. Media relations are a powerful tool in the ability to promote your restaurant. The publicist for your restaurant must have a great relationship with the restaurant market and industry in order for you to have successful business. By choosing a public relations firm that is passionate about the restaurant business your best bet.
  • Consultants – It is also very important to choose a public relations company that has experience in the restaurant industry. This may mean having former managers, wait staff or even executive chefs that have worked in the restaurant field on their team. Having such knowledgeable people on board will insure that your restaurant is getting top notch expertise to help you establish yourself as a true competitor.
  • Planning – Knowing who your public relations firm is and what they bring to the table for you is key to establishing a successful business. Do your homework by interviewing several different public relations firms in order to get the right company for your restaurant. Do they know how to market to restaurants? Do they have other restaurants that they have worked with in a successful manner? Are they knowledgeable in what it takes to market a successful restaurant? All of these questions are important and should be asked.
  • Grand Openings – When planning the grand opening for your restaurant, there are many things your public relations firm can do for you. First have them alert the social networks, radio stations, and even television spots that you are opening. This should be done a few weeks ahead of the grand opening, to insure people know you are coming! Having a photographer on hand is a good idea too so that they can get shots of the happenings at your restaurant. Make sure someone from the public relations firm is on hand at your grand opening to make sure things are running smoothly.

By following a few simple steps, you are almost insured that your restaurant will be a success. Follow your dream of running a good quality, restaurant where people will want to enjoy for years to come!

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