• I’m not sure I’m ready to write Google+ off just yet. If it was owned by Yahoo, yes, but given the power of the beast behind it, it’s not going to lie down in a hurry.

  • Completely disagree with G+ being on the list. It hasn’t come close to failing yet, and the launch of communities really changed how people use it.

    And Digg failed because it had utter disdain for its users. It failed due to hubris, not competition. Reddit has the same competition from FB, Twitter, etc., and it’s doing better than ever.

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    I was surprised to see G+ but I agree. No more how many articles titled “don’t discount Gooogle+” that show up in my inbox I’m not sold.

  • I don’t agree with Google+ being on the list. I am actually a huge fan of Google Hangouts and feel that is has enormous potential. I think we should give Google+ a bit more time.

  • Here’s what I commented to the original post: I think you’ve made one major error here, though. Google+ has not failed. Has it been slow to take off? Absolutely. But in the past few months, I’m seeing people move over to it as a place to have discussions that’s less noisy than Twitter and less personal than Facebook–-think the old LinkedIn groups before they got monopolized by self-promoters. Based on this, I’d say it is very premature to call it failed!

  • G+ is still trying to find direction. I have prepared and and shared a little lsit of my own: http://dave-lucas.blogspot.com/2013/01/top-10-social-media-sites-that-failed.html

  • I’m really disheartened that this reputable blog is perpetuating this nonsense. Come on folks, G+ failed? Delicious failed? Orkut? Who here has used Orkut? It’s an international community. Just because the US hasn’t latched on, doesn’t mean it failed.

  • Whats the basis of it being a failure?

  • Whats the basis of it being a failure?

  • All above social media missed one crucial factor regarding human behaviour. And G+ or Google has it right in front but just don’t see it.