5 Ways for PR Pros to Relax, Slow Down and Reclaim Their Creativity

Augh! So much to do! So many clients! No time for fun or thinking outside the box, there’s just too much! Oh geez, another email! What do I do!

Whoa, slow down there, killer. There’s plenty of ways for you to get all your work done and still have time for creativity and, yes, even a little fun. Besides, what use is all that crazy money you’re making with your business if you can’t enjoy it? Here are five ways you can reclaim your life and you creative mind.

1. Take 15 Minutes

What do you do when you first wake up? Grab your laptop? Check your phone for messages (guilty)? Start writing down things on your calendar?

Consider this: starting your day on such a hectic note makes the rest of your day the same. Instead, take fifteen minutes when you first wake up and do absolutely nothing. And I mean nothing! Don’t check your phone, don’t jot down notes, don’t even think about work.

If a morning break just isn’t possible, find fifteen minutes during your day and just shut everything down. No, lunch doesn’t count, Ms. Busy Bee!

2. Look Around You

Instead of burying your head inside your desk all day long, take a minute to look at your surroundings. Try and find something you’ve never seen before, or try and see your work area in a whole new light.

When traveling, don’t focus on the destination so much as the journey! It sounds like a cliché, but it’s certainly true. Remember, we work with people – so pay attention to them when you’re venturing around the world!

3. Delegate

Send some of that extra work away! We all want to take on as much as possible and make as much money as we can get, but sometimes letting some of it go can lead to even more and better opportunities in the future. Send some of that work out to peers or subordinates and take the time to let some of those creative juices flow in your downtime.

4. Laugh!

Laughter really is the best medicine. Take time out of your day to find it! Bookmark some good websites for jokes and funny stories. Find a few web comics or sign up to receive your favorite newspaper comics in your email.

Laughing and smiling instantly improves your mood and health, so make sure each day is filled with at least a little laughter! Even with the busiest schedule in the world you can always squeeze in a joke or two.

5. Make Home Your Sanctuary

When you get home, change into something comfy! Your house should be your relaxation zone, even if you’re doing work. Mentally separate your work and pleasure areas by physically changing your outside appearance or even putting on some different smelling lotion or cologne to make your brain realize you are home to relax. Even if you work from home, restrict your work to one room so when time is up, you can get out of there and start to unwind!

How do you relax and reclaim your creativity?

Mickie Kennedy is the president of eReleases, the online leader in affordable PR distribution since 1998.
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  • I have changed my morning routine to begin the day for me instead of hitting the ground running and that has made a tremendous difference in how the rest of my day goes. I have found that even if it sounds counter-intuitive, beginning the day peacefully helps me be more productive all the rest of the day. And I just feel better all day too.

    • Stephen, there’s a great, inexpensive ebook your comment made me think of —
      What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast: A Short Guide to Making Over Your Mornings–and Life by Laura Vanderkam. It’s more or less proposing the same concept you are, with a lot of stories to back up the supposition, too. It seems getting up and having a routine early in the morning does tremendous things for many people!

      • That makes sense, I know it has worked for me, and I see no reason why it couldn’t work for a lot of other people too. I will take a look for that book. Thank you.

  • Samya France

    I’m not alone! Thank you for this post 🙂 I really needed to read this!

  • Jaime Izaks

    Thanks for the post, Mickie! I love the tip about laughing! Good thing we do plenty of that at my franchise PR agency; honestly, when your employees are in good moods (laughing helps create them), your productivity goes way up. It’s a great tool for good business, really!

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  • Anchal Nayyar

    Hello Mickie Kennedy,

    This is just an exceptionally well-written piece of yours. Not
    just because it asks us to relax, but the style in which you present is so
    simple, yet persuasive; just the perfect tone for this topic.

    Mornings really determine how the rest of the day will go.
    An agitated morning results in sulkiness. I belong to the field of communications,
    and I have to admit that mental block is due to no rest to the brain. A brief
    rejuvenation break gives us time to look around and then, better ideas emerge.
    A person who doesn’t look around tends to lose creativity because he/she is
    unaware of the new things that can be explored.

    Sometimes best ideas come when you are not actively thinking
    about them, the famous “Aha” effect. And a small break or power nap are great
    ways to restore the mind’s creativity. A break gives us time to stay away from
    our work and then observe it later with a fresh perspective. How many times we
    feel great about something when we create or write it, but looking at it after
    a brief break makes us feel that the idea is vague and needs to be drastically

    Due to social media, we are bombarded by information, a
    break helps to unload unnecessary stacks of information from our brain and make
    room for the new ideas to emerge and settle.

  • Bri

    Thanks for reminding us that theres always time to take a step back and breath for a minute. Being a college student studying PR and entering the professional world PR soon, I think that I can really relate to this article already! I find that it really helps to stop what I’m working on for a little while if my creative juices ever get stuck. Taking a moment to stop overwhelming yourself with trying to think of ideas even solutions to something can help to clear your mind of clutter and you can go back to what you were doing with a clear head ready to work again. There’s also always room in your day to for a little you time. I find that it’s important for reflection and wellbeing.

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