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Three things to look for in your workplace – Or – Why I still work here

Tenure at PR firms is rare. I suppose that is why I get frequent questions about mine. I’ve been with BlissPR since 2003. Last week I was asked why, three separate times. My answer has always been the same: there are lots of reasons but essentially I like and respect the people I work with.  Upon reflecting further I have three reasons which can also be things to look for in your own workplace: Continue reading

Insight for Budgeting B2B Marketing and PR Efforts in 2011

Now that it’s February, there are several trends emerging regarding what B2B companies will focus their marketing and PR efforts on in 2011.  The contribution of the B2B Practice Group of the Worldcom Public Relations Group, the world’s largest network of independent PR firms, is a collection of insights shared among partners in North and South America.  Through a roundtable discussion, a few trends emerged about the direction of the Public Relations profession in 2011: Continue reading