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The Auto-DM

Vinyl Ready Art - Road Signs

As most of you know, I suffered from a Twitter virus, and just recently took the big step to abandon all my followers, and start a new account.  Over a year of developing a name for myself on Twitter, and getting over 500 followers was a great achievement, so it was a huge step for me to start a new account. (If you thought you followed me @ctmichaels, check again, and follow @ctmichaels again) So when I started my new account, I just went into my old follower list and went through and started “re-following” people that I actually knew/enjoyed talking to.  Figuring people would be like, “Oh CTMichaels is following me, I need to follow again…” I just started going down the list. To my dismay, instead of followers, I was bombarded with private DMs. Continue reading

How We Follow

Tire Tracks Disappearing into the Desert

Choosing who to follow on Twitter is like the tagline of any action movie sequel: this time, it’s personal.

Talking to fellow PRBC-ers made me realize all the different barometers people use to decide with whom they interact on Twitter. There is no right and wrong way, I guess, except spam-following. Which is totally doing it wrong. But discussing what makes someone followable or not is, I think, valuable because lots of us still aren’t sure what our personal rules should be. Continue reading