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Wasted Money Press Release of the Day:3-2-2011

As communications professionals, we understand the power of a strong press release. And while our clients (and for you in-housers, our C-levels) often believe sending out press releases are important, it’s our job to make sure that the release has a purpose. Unfortunately, there are many companies who dismiss or ignore the strategic value of a release and instead send out something that could have been announced through a different vehicle: website, blog, Twitter, Facebook, etc. These tools have made communicating to audiences easier, faster and cheaper. So with this, we start a new column here called Wasted Money Press Release highlighting releases that could have been better served using alternate communications vehicles.

Today’s is about how an unauthorized biography of Carl Icahn can now be found on audio. This is the kind of release that could have been announced via the author’s (or book’s) Facebook page, if there is one. Continue reading