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Cats and dogs? Can PR pros and journalists be friends?

My pretty kitty UniI began my college career as a broadcast journalism major. For some reason, my parents (bless them) thought I was going to be the next Katie Couric . . .

I digress. I had a hardcore journalism professor my sophomore year whom I respect like you wouldn’t believe. She discussed her days as a TV reporter often, and mentioned how many journalists only ever hang out with other journalists. Continue reading

Boomerang Research or Can They Really Be This Lazy?

(85/365) ?
(CC) photo credit: sparkle_lavalamp // flickr

Recently a question popped up among one of our “journalists-seeking-experts”  services asking a ridiculously simple question.  I’m not going into specifics, like which service it came from, who asked it, or what it was — this hack hasn’t earned a call out, I believe them to be a victim rather than an instigator.

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