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Kodak’s Social Media Growth

696px-Brownie2_overview_tnKodak, that venerable American photographic film giant of the 20th Century, has gone through a vast transformation in the past decade. Both the brand and the Company’s stock have been in free fall, in stark constrast to the meteoric rise in popularity and use of digital photography and video. To put it simply, you no longer first think of Kodak and its products when someone pulls out a camera (well, unless you’re at least Sherri’s age…).

But one man is taking a proactive approach to change Kodak’s public image as a has-been major American brand, and is actively pursuing a new, digital future — one in which Kodak is rebranding itself with a heavy dose of successful social media outreach and engagement. Continue reading

From the Left: 140 Tips on Social Media Marketing

A classroomTwo weeks ago was Jeff Pulver’s 140 Character Conference in Los Angeles and oh, what a whirlwind.  My head is still spinning from the two-day, somewhat star-studded event.  By day we all talked Twitter (while tweeting out all the conference’s big tips) and by night we all drank Twitter (while tweeting out all the conference’s gossip.) Continue reading