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Finding Your Social Media Zen

(CC) Image courtesy djfoobarmatt

Close your eyes. That’s it, take a deep breath. Inhale. Exhale.

Sometimes all you need to do is take a step back from the social media world to find a little bit of perspective.

About two months ago, I attended the Type-A-Mom conference. There was a fantastic panel on community and staying positive in the blogosphere. Let’s face it; it’s easier to be negative rather than positive.

The overall gist of the panel was that sometimes people act before thinking; that they don’t really consider what will happen when you put something out there for social media consumption. Continue reading

When does holding companies accountable in SM turn to whiny, woe-is me annoyances?

I recently saw a tweet from someone who complained that Verizon had it out for them and that they’d have to wait until their contract was up to get a new phone when the one they had was dysfunctional. The next day, I saw a tweet complaining that a hotel didn’t let people walking on the street into the lobby when it was pouring rain outside.

Seems we’ve all discovered the customer service side of social media. Hundreds of companies are in the social media sphere now to not only spread the word proactively about their organizations, but also to do damage/crisis control with less than happy customers.

But when does legitimate customer dissatisfaction turn into a public twitter and blogosphere annoyance? Continue reading