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5 Simple Ways to Stay Organized

Staying organized is easier for some than others—that is a fact. Even the savviest of us have had something fall through the cracks.  With the end of the year coming, and a million and one projects to get done, it’s nice to get back to the basics of organization.  You don’t need a complex system to stay organized, you just need to find a system that is right for you, and you alone.

  1. Tackling the Email Beast. As a PR professional, or marketer it’s likely to get hundreds (if not thousands) of emails a day.  We can’t sit around all day and just respond to emails–so what do we do?  We need to tackle the beast in one fell swoop.  Folders will save your life–seriously, they will.  If I need to find an email quick, fast and in a hurry I know I can go to the folder and find it fairly easily.  This also cuts down on your inbox number, and keeps your important emails stay where you can see them.  If you use Gmail, you should try their new feature Priority Inbox, which does this process for you automatically. Continue reading