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Flacky Don’t Like That

Thinkstock Single Image SetSome call it semantics.  Others, being particular.  You might call it wordsmithing.  I consider it one of the few (errrm. . .many) ‘little’ things that grate on my nerves.  So what is this insipid little nudge?  I’ll call them this PR pros favorite ‘four letter’ words.

They dominate press releases.  Taint headlines.  Muddy pitch waters.  And, I would find it unimaginable, that they don’t leave reporters wondering what clown slapped these terms together on a piece of paper and dumped them into their Inboxes.

Allow me to break them down for you: Continue reading

Where’s The Community?

Lauren Fernandez

We took away game night in my house growing up because it got too competitive. In a Cuban household, you have the short temper and the ‘always want to win’ mentality. We did away with it because it took away from the family dynamic. Social Media and the blogosphere is starting to point at a typical Fernandez style game night.

Social media can be a selfish space, and it’s starting to reflect in the blogosphere. Who has the best posts, the most comments, who’s publishing the story first – all questions that I hear people chattering about. Continue reading