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Ugh, Time Management

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Well being that it has been one month, and one week, since my last post, it’s probably time to jump back on the bandwagon.  Between a new job, moving to NYC, and the holidays, balancing everything has been quite difficult for me.  Honestly, if it has been difficult for me, it most likely has been difficult for more out there, hence the post on Time Management.

I feel like every interview I go on, when someone asks “What is your weakness?” I always say, ‘Time Management.’ It’s definitely an easy out, because most people have time management issues so it’s pretty acceptable – and I’m not about to admit a fault that I have that isn’t acceptable…Now, don’t get me wrong, some people have natural time management skills, have minor OCD, can stick to agendas, and fit everything in their life, but this is definitely something that takes time.  The real question is how does one learn time management skills? Continue reading