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5 Tips to Make the Most of a PR Pro’s Summer

Ocracoke49/120701 -- Sand dunes on Ocracoke Island, North Carolina.Ahhh, summer. What a calm, relaxing time of year. Time to bask in the glory of the previous months’ triumphs, while relaxing our minds and bodies for the grueling months ahead. And in the media world, it’s the one time of year when things are decently slow.

Which means if you’re a bit hyperactive like me, summer is when you spend most of your time worrying; wondering what might be next around the corner. But, that’s OK, for you have resolved to use this summer as a time to get ahead of your competition and make the fall and winter truly your time to shine (pardon the pun) with great messaging and outreach to key reporters and bloggers you’ve been aiming to reach all year. Continue reading

The Official PRBC Guide to Summer Fridays

CalendarSummer Fridays are a tradition unique to New York City, I believe, but maybe some of you in DC and Chicago have the same experience. Some PR firms (or publishing houses, or tech companies, or marketing and ad firms, or doctors’ offices, or almost anything) take half days on the Fridays between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Some offices close on Summer Fridays at noon, some at three in the afternoon; some offices make up the lost time during the rest of the week, some are more lax.

The point is, Summer Fridays are a chance for you to use your precious downtime to enjoy the beautiful weather and cultural delights the city has to offer in the summertime. Here is how Summer Fridays usually go down: Continue reading

Beating the Holiday Blues: What Motivates You?

Runner Crossing Finish LineWith the holidays nearly upon us, that can mean only one thing: No, not the delirious joy of gifts, treats and many days off from school that a little kid surely feels, but instead, the dreaded gloom of holiday shopping, fighting insane traffic and with multiple stresses at work and home as you try to get everything done before the mad dash of the great trifecta of family, friends and food overtakes you.

Lost in all of that is the fact that this can be a really difficult time for many. It can even be downright depressing, with the awful weather and the realization that it is at least five or six long months until summer begins. So in a professional service world of PR/marketing/advertising, staying motivated and enthusiastic for what lies ahead can be a bit difficult. Continue reading