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Working as a Team

Thinkstock Single Image SetAs previously mentioned the PRBC group emails quite a bit throughout the day on a variety of topics.  Frequently they actually involve the blog – does a proposed post create a conflict of interest, upcoming events, discussing substantive PR issues for posts, etc.  And sometimes not so much.

Anyone who has to work as part of a team or committee, whether that’s an internal team or a team composed of a client, their internal PR person, the outside agency and frequently others (so probably all of us), has had to deal with various agendas and personalities at the table.  Each with their own goals, some necessary, others merely desirable. Continue reading

“It’s like Vidal Sassoon said: if you don’t look good, I don’t look good.”

Three business people toasting in officeA ways back when I was a wee little PR minion at my first agency I scored a TIME Magazine exclusive for a client early on in my tenure. My boss was pleased, the client was ecstatic and I thought I might just have the knack to make public relations a career.

One afternoon the CEO of the agency was making his way through the halls and stopped outside my boss’s office, which was a mere 30 feet from mine, and congratulated her on the great media success for our client recently featured in TIME. Naturally, my ears perked up, and I expected to hear my boss take the compliment and move on with the day. Instead my boss, the great Anne (whom I’m coming to reference far too often on this blog!) told the CEO – “hey the person you should congratulate is Kristen, she has gotten some big hits for them lately.” Up until this point I was sure the CEO did not know I existed. He turned around, told me keep up the good work and moved along. Continue reading