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Survey says… Independent PR Firms Have Surge in New Biz

This year is off to a roaring start for independent communications/public relations firms, according to a new study by Worldcom Public Relations Group. The partner agencies of Worldcom forecast the hiring of new staff and are experiencing an increase in business and budgets.Worldcom Public Relations Group surveyed CEO’s from national and international partner agencies servicing clients ranging from small to mid-sized businesses to Fortune 50 companies.  The survey indicates a high percentage of new business growth in the technology, consumer, healthcare, professional and financial service sectors. Continue reading

Interest, Activity in Social Media Intensifying Across All Health Care Sectors

A roundtable discussion of agency executives from the Worldcom Americas Region Health Care Practice Group indicated that interest, expectations and budgets for leveraging social media are increasing considerably across all sectors of health care clients, and budget increases are being instituted for 2011 programs.  Agency experiences – coast to coast – were almost universally the same.

Worldcom is the world’s largest partnership of independent public relations firms with 112 offices located on five continents. The Worldcom PR Group’s Health Care Practice Group has 50 members worldwide, all of which have a specialty in the market segment.  A dozen of the 20 Americas Region firms participated in the roundtable. Continue reading

Worldcom PR Group reflects on global communications and industry trends

Close up of a school girl holding a globeThe Worldcom Public Relations Group, the world’s largest global PR partnership, finds the global PR business on track and ready to face exciting challenges from new frontiers the world over, notwithstanding the recent monumental economic challenges which had clients and budgets across most industries racked by financial woes.

Since December there’s been a general euphoria among Worldcom partners, about where the industry is going, according to a survey which reported a general uptick in new clients and new engagements. Continue reading