The Bachelor: Failed Publicity Stunt or Marketing Genius?

The Blind Side New York PremiereAlright.  I admit it.  I watch The Bachelor. Some seasons, I actually enjoy watching it.  This time, it looks like it’s just something to laugh at.  Love it or hate it, the concept is a success.  Even if the buzz isn’t positive, the show gets talked about.  So as I laugh at this season’s stream of contestants, I thought it would help to see the good – that is, to look at the marketing lessons we can all learn from watching reality programs such as The Bachelor.

Packaging: Sometimes, it really isn’t about what’s on the inside.  It’s about the flashy, alluring (and sometimes misleading) wrap that you pack the contents in.

Teasing: There is a lot to be said for teasers in any marketing campaign.  They pique interest, build a buzz and get the impending launch on people’s radars.

Visuals: Whether it is a striking photograph, beauty shot of the product or a well-coiffed pilot, there is something to be said for the value of a strong visual.  It baits buyers, rakes in viewers and keeps the buzz going.

Humor: Sometimes it’s a witty tagline.  Other times, a subtle play on words.  In the case of The Bachelor, it’s nothing planned – other than some very deliberate casting and an explosive mix of personalities.

Something Unexpected: Whether it’s added value or a widely overlooked product benefit, consumers love a dose of the unexpected.  It maintains intrigue, keeps things interesting and gives people an incentive to keep tuned-in to the conversation.

While we can undoubtedly bicker over the value (or lack thereof) that reality television brings to the table, there is no doubt that the biggest thing it provides (besides some great laughs) is an impactful lesson in how to market the unmarketable.

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