The Power of the Smartphone

Samsung Launch New Smart PhonesPeople made fun of me for weeks, months actually. I was like the kid that never got those sneakers with the lights in them when I was in first grade. I’ve dealt with a lot of laughs and the brunt of jokes, but I finally did it. I said goodbye to the 2005 flip phone, and finally got a smartphone!

A bit overwhelmed, and a bit scared at first, I opened up the box to the Droid and got a little bit weak in the knees, started to drool, and then realized I had a lot of work to do and couldn’t touch it till that evening. After figuring it out how to turn it on, it was an amazing experience.

There were so many things I saw other people doing on their smart phone, and I couldn’t wait to do it! Tweet while pooping, check in wherever I was on Foursquare, be able to have access to work, Facebook stalk on the subway…oh the things I could do!

So I’m all connected to the smartphone and loving every minute of it. I love what I can do with it and honestly cannot understand why I didn’t have one sooner. I absolutely love not having to run home just to check my e-mail! Everyone in PR needs to be connected to the world 24/7, even if you don’t need all of the features, the ability to communicate in every way imaginable at your fingertips is irresistible.

Notwithstanding all the perks that I have been enjoying, I’ve definitely run into some issues.

1. My nipple calls people. Yep, I’m serious. I put the phone in my pocket, and next thing I know someone is texting me saying, “What did you want?” I’m like Huh? Well apparently the touch screen is controlled by nipples because it goes through tons of screens to get to my contacts to call them…

2. Foursquare yelled at me for checking in to much…I’m sorry but when you’re on the subway, you should be able to check into each subway stop if you have service. I don’t think that’s cheating the system.

3. Everytime I get a message, my phone goes, “DROID” and it scares me at night 🙁

4. I miss T9 texting. My texting and walking days are over now. I was a master at it too. Years of T9 texting, but this touch screen is not walking and typing savvy…or driving and typing savvy either…I guess it’s good I got rid of my car to move to NYC…

5. I’m terrified of dropping my phone in the toilet while tweeting…

Regardless, this is an amazing tool to add to your life and I am so glad that I am finally up to speed with the world. I would love to hear what you like and dislike about your smartphones! The real question: Can you live without it now that you have one?

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  • jeffespo

    CT – you may have sold me. I am still sans smart phone, but may have to get one. I am glad I don't put tings in my pocket because nipple dialing sounds like something that may cause cancer.

    Was this post paid for by Verizon?

  • stephmajercik

    Like Jeff I am also still without a smart phone (though I am due for an upgrade this June and I'm definitely going to get one) and I feel so left out. What might be worse, is that I got a brief glimpse of life with a smart phone at the beginning of the year when traveling in Europe (got to borrow my Dads since it would work internationally) and I must say it was so hard readjusting to my regular phone, after only 2 weeks. I am so excited for the day that I can get a smart phone, though I am going to avoid the touch screens.

  • CT – I miss T9 too and I'm glad you admit to using the phone on the toilet when so many people will not.

  • Congrats on joining the Smartphone club!

  • I miss my old school ringtones. You know like Nelly's “Must Be The Money” but it sounded like it was being played with a kazoo rather than the actual song. Or the ones that came on your phone with names like “Robot” or “Car horn”. Now sometimes my iPhone rings and I miss it because I think the radio is just on. Damn you Franz Ferdinand and your catchy No You Girls.