HAPPO Days are Here

Businessman Offering HandshakeFor any of you who missed Friday’s announcement, the next two leading up to what should be an amazing 4 hours on Friday February 19th.

This new project, spearheaded by Arik Hanson and the amazing Valerie Simon, this amazing project looks to put together job seekers with those with job openings.  For the full background and inspiration, including inspiration from Dave Mullen, be sure to check out Arik’s post, linked in the first sentence.  For those of you looking for the short version, and what you can do to participate in HAPPO day, take a look below:

  • On Friday 2/19, between 11a to 3p (Eastern), PR Pros (and those in the affiliated career industries (e.g. headhunters)) will put their mad skillz and network to align seekers and hire-ers (yeah, I know).
  • Job Seekers: Do what it is that is the foundation of our profession — write it down.  Write a blog post (vlog, podcast, PPT, Flash preso – get creative!!), telling prospective employers why they should hire you.  During the event share it on Twitter with the #HAPPO hashtag.  “Market champions” (below) will help by retweeting and connecting you with potential employers in your specific market.  If you don’t have your own blog, we’ll work with you.  We’ll also be linking to postings on the main HelpAPRProOut.com site.
  • Employers (Agency C-Suite, Execs, high-ups, headhunters executive recruiters): Have some extra coffee the morning of the 19th, call in your top talent and keep your eyes peeled on the #Happo Hash.  Let the “Market Champions” (again, see below) know what openings you’re looking to fill.  Hopefully we’ll find someone in the inventory of uber-talent that we know is out there and put y’all together.  And, of course, “Look Ma, No Commission” (for us).
  • Social Media Addicts: You know what to do — Tell your friends, blog about it, tweet about it, let the job hunters you know know about this.  Day of – keep your eyes open, if you see a good connection, mention it to the appropriate “Market Champion.”  Start the good karma ball rolling, never know when it’ll be you looking for your next gig.

The Market Champions — Below is the list of HAPPO Market  Champions. For the next two weeks these fantastic people will be promoting HAPPO.  If you’re a looker (not like that) or have an opening be sure to connect with them in advance of the 19th so we can all connect on the day of the event.

A number of other super generous folks in the Twitterverse who will be supporting HAPPO in various ways, including Sarah Evans, Dave Fleet, Allan Schoenberg, David Mullen, Shonali Burke, Rachel Kay and a few others.

That’s pretty much it for now.  If you’ve got a question please don’t hesitate to ask.

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