Dear Telephone (A Love Letter)

Hand in desert holding vintage telephoneDear Telephone,

Times have definitely changed. We used to talk with each other every day, seven hours a day, five days a week. During those moments, I couldn’t bear the sight of you.

Currently with the popularity of e-mails, Twitter, Facebook and text messages, it seems we rarely speak anymore.  Please don’t be sad. It’s because of all these other forms of communication that I’ve really grown to miss our relationship.

Remember the times we used to talk with journalists and reporters? Sure not all the conversations were glorious, but the point was it was a conversation – there was a hint of a personal connection.

Or, do you recall when friends would call us? Now, it is just lots of e-mails, Facebook updates or tweets. Sometimes I look at you, sitting on my desk, wishing you would ring like you did back in the olden days.  I yearn to hold you, talk to you.  For some strange reason, I felt like more got accomplished with you in my life.

For example, it might take me 10 minutes to type up an e-mail, when a mere phone call would accomplish the same thing in two minutes. So, why do I do it? Well, I try to call; I leave messages. Then you know what happens? Instead of a call back, I get an e-mail as a reply.

I know people still use you, it’s not like you’ve completely disappeared; but they really don’t use you to converse. It’s all about phone apps, games, texts, checking in places – basically everything but having a real-life verbal discussion.

My favorite (sarcasm font) is when I call a friend and leave a voicemail. Then rather then call me back, the friend sends me a text message asking me what’s up.  So I am stuck having to type out a text message, when I just want to chat.

It feels as if people have forgotten what your original purpose was. When I actually connect with a human being on the other line, sometimes it’s as if they’ve forgotten how to hold an actual conversation. Yet via e-mail, they are chatty as ever.

I am not sure if I’m alone in the way I feel. Maybe I’m old fashioned but there’s just nothing like talking with someone, hearing a voice, getting a sense of someone’s personality and/or mood on the other line.

Dearest telephone, I do hope that people will grow tired of going through thousands of e-mails, and remember what it was like with you in our lives like I do. Conversations were just a little more genuine, and relationships felt a little more authentic.

I can only hope as time goes on, that people will remember that you aren’t all that bad; and perhaps when the phone rings again, next time they might just answer it.

Love always,


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