The Mother of all PRBC Announcements:

Woman Crying in Empty Movie Theater
We're not really sure who she is either. If you know please come to the customer service desk.

Nota Bene: Please note the date on which this post was originally posted and enjoy it with appropriate grains of salt.

Fellow readers. The time has come for the big announcement. This announcement will go down in history as we are one of the first Web sites to ever make it big like this. From our beginning stages back in October, to our current status here in April, it is only suiting that we share our amazing venture with you all.

What started out as a joke and a tid bit of fun, has become a reality and a dream come true. Every PR pro has dreamed of this day, some have made it happen, others just hope and pray each day for it to come true.  This amazing opportunity that fellow PRBC members will partake in on April 25th will benefit the PR industry as a whole, and we will be able to add more titles after our names. From comedians, experts, leaders, gurus, whatever we are referred to as, you will now be able to label us, inspiration leaders.

On April 25, 2010, four members of PRBC will be flying to Chicago for a taping of something extravagent. Will PRCog reveal his true identity? Will I be able to keep my dirty mouth shut and stay clean on camera? Will TJ be able to keep her snarky grammar tips at bay while talking to the Queen of Television? We shall see, but we will not let you all down.

You have all made this possible for us to make it this far with this Web site, and we thank you every day. As we make our way to Chicago we will think about each and every contributor who made this amazing opportunity possible. And don’t you worry, we will not forget the PR pros out there with deserving clients. We will name drop. We will push your products. We will make you proud.

Set your DVR’s people for April 29th, as we will be making our national debut on The Oprah Winfrey Show.


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