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Mother and Newborn in Hospital
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Nota Bene: Please note the date on which this post was originally posted and enjoy it with appropriate grains of salt.

As many of you know, one of our own, the enviable Ms. Marie V-B has gotten knocked up is with child – her first.  This upcoming addition to our family brings the total number of grand-PRBCers (as in grandchildren, not as in “really cool” though that likely applies as well) to some number we can’t count without taking off our shoes (damnit Jim, we’re not rocket scientists, we’re flacks!).  You can find a full list here.

As we do with all things, we’ve blown this completely out of proportion and purchased a day care center in midtown to be headed up by CT Michaels, a longtime lover of the minor people, and have been coaxing Ms. V-B into bestowing an appropriately odd name upon the child.

After much deliberation (read: nagging) and, unfortunately, no alcohol for her (all things considered we felt it was a wise move, but plenty for us) she has decided to grace the rugrat child with a very meaningful name, and an even more meaningful set of initials.  When we’re finally graced with the demon infant it shall be known as Paul Rachmaninoff Beethoven Corgan – named for all of the young couples’ (yes Ms. V-B is actually Mrs. V-B but this keyboard for some reason is misbehaving) favourite musicians.

As mentioned previously – oddly enough, the rest of us at the PRBC clubhouse are big fans of the spawn’s initials.  Tattoos in honor of this momentous moment in childbirthing will be available at our next meetup (I’d get there early – the artist likes to drink too).

May the farce be with you,

PR Cog,

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