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One of the best examples of the power of social media was the campaign to get Betty White on Saturday Night Live. How awesome is that that millions of people found a page on Facebook and decided to become a fan of it (or, “like” it), ultimately resulting in Betty White hosting Saturday Night Live? I’m pretty sure no one imagined that something like this could happen, but producers (Lorne Michaels and company) actually listened to what the millions of people were saying. So the masses did it – social media got Betty White on Saturday Night Live, but was it the right person to waste a campaign on?

Regardless of what the lame critics had to say on Sunday after Betty made her big debut, Betty was phenomenol. Any 88.5 year old woman talking about yeasty muffins is pretty good in my book. I don’t watch Saturday Night Live…ever, like not even repeats. Sure I know who Tina Fey is, and Chevy Chase, but I’m not one to waste my Saturday night watching comedy. Heck, I don’t really comedy…i’m more of a horror buff myself. However, after hearing that my beloved ‘Rose Nylund’ was going to be on the show, I was obviously going to tune in.

I liked what I saw, and am glad. Was it a success for producers to believe what millions of people wanted? Yes. I believe it was one of the best decisions producers for the show had made. Not only did they get me (a non-watcher) to tune in, they got me to watch the whole damn show so I can only imagine how many others were in the same position as me! I might actually watch again someday! It’s pretty incredible that this all happened, but do you think that it would have been just as big if it was someone else?

Betty White was the perfect person for this to happen to. Everyone knows her, whether they are old or young. She’s still a crazy old lady that has most of her marbles, and she has touched the hearts of many of us at some point in our lives. There are few people that have Betty White status, and I can’t imagine this happening to someone else — maybe one of the other Golden Girls (even though two of them have passed on, so it would be some trick) — Regardless, can this be the future? If enough people join a Facebook group for the public execution, hopefully the guillotine, of the failed Times Square Bomb attempt, will it happen? We can only hope…

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